Maleah and Michael | Maternity | Kent WA

Mike and Maleah are the sweetest couple! I actually met them several years ago and did their engagement and wedding photos. Now they're expecting their precious Moses Leon to arrive on November 22, 2016. This has been a difficult road for little Moses and they are praying for a miracle as there is a potential for some serious birth issues. Mike and Maleah have so much faith that God is in charge and that He is the giver of life. They have completely entrusted this whole journey to Him and while there have been and will continue to be some unbelievably difficult,  heartbreaking and scary moments, to be sure, there is a deep and abiding joy and overwhelming peace that, at least to me, is so obvious. The love that they have for each other is intense and real. And so is the love they have for their unborn son. Their love for him is fierce.  They are a team. God is their coach and you get the sense when you're with them that they could conquer the world together.  Their family is surrounding them and backing them up as they navigate this next few weeks as there are some huge unknowns. What an inspiration!

We met up on Saturday morning so that we could further document this journey in photos. This is their story. They didn't necessarily sign up for things to unfold the way they have, but they have surrendered and are letting Jesus take the wheel. All things are possible with Christ Jesus. Here are some of my favorites from our time together.