Samuel | Baby's 1st Year | Kent WA Family Photography

When I first became interested in photography, Brandi and Tyler were willing to be my "muses". We went to Tacoma one rainy day a few years ago and they were just so much fun to hang out with and take photos of.  It was raining that day and they are just so filled with joy and laughter that it didn't even matter! It was, to date, one of my most favorite sessions.

Since then, we have done two maternity sessions, a newborn session, numerous 1st year sessions, a labor and delivery session, and now a 6 month session. Each session is more and more fun than the last and even more special. The session this past week was no exception. I love watching them parent, I love watching them love each other and I am so inspired by Brandi's heart for Jesus, her devotion to Him, her trust and faith in Him. I am so happy to know this family personally and am so grateful that they have trusted me to capture their beautiful, beautiful moments! 

Most recently, we met at a local park in Kent WA and here are some of my favorites from our session. The cutest thing ever was when we stopped at this little area with little white flowers and Annabelle picked the flower. I did no realize it until I was processing the photos that she carried that little flower nearly the whole rest of the session.  SO CUTE! 

Lillian and Jennifer | Mommy & Me | Shoreline WA family photography

Jennifer had baby Lillian 6 months ago and other than selfies, there were no pictures of her and her baby, so we got together on a beautiful day in Shoreline WA and we did a mommy & me session. This little lady was full of smiles! 

Everett | Baby's 1st Year | Kent baby photographer

So I absolutely love seeing how different babies respond differently to their "cake smash" event. I got to take newborn photos of Everett and it is amazing how quickly time flies! He came to my studio and we couldn't decide whether we were going to do the cake smash inside in my studio or outside since it was such a nice day. We decided to do both!

First up are some of the ones we did in my studio.

Then we went outside for the actual cake smash! E was not completely enamored with the cake or the experience, but I know that he really was more interested in the balloons.

And then we decided to take a little bubble bath to get all that yucky frosting off his fingers and out of his hair and off his face. He was not quite sure what to think of it! But in the end decided it was probably an okay idea.