Bryson | Baby's 1st Year

Here are a few photos from my session a few weeks ago with Bryson!

Cake designed by the extraordinary Christina. You can find her on Facebook by looking for CUPCAKE DELIGHTS BY CHRISTINA.  

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Jackie, David etal | Family | Auburn family photography

I was so blessed to be able to spend an evening with this perfectly awesome family! Jackie and David are the coolest people ... passionate about Jesus and about following in His footsteps and they're passionate about their kids! We met at Game Farm Park in Auburn WA and had so much fun jumping off walls, climbing rocks, climbing trees and giggling! What a fun family! And their kids are so great! They love their parents SO much! It was so heartwarming for me to see. 

Sarah | Sumner High School | Class of 2017

I love taking photos of high school senior girls! This is a very momentous rite of passage and is such a beautiful time to capture their beauty! They have their whole lives ahead of them and their hearts and minds are so filled with anticipation. I met Sarah from the Sumner High School Class of 2017 and her family at Ft Steilacoom in Lakewood WA yesterday and I am obsessed with how adorable Sarah is! She brought her best friend, Faith, with her as well as her brother, mom and her brother's girlfriend. They were great cheerleaders and we had so much fun!   So normally the first photos are used just for testing the light ... in Sarah's case, the first photo shown here is literally the 2nd photo we took! ROCKSTAR! 

Haley | Kentlake | Class of 2017 | Clark Lake Park | Kent WA Senior Photographer

I have known this sweet girl's mom for a long time....actually since before Haley was even born. My daughters and I were in the hospital when Haley was born and have been fortunate and blessed to have seen her grown into such a beautiful young lady with so much grace. She is doing so great at Kentlake and is involved in Volleyball and YoungLife. She plans to attend college in Montana. 

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Point Defiance Park & Zoo

Here are some of the photos from our day at the zoo with Olivia. She was so happy that yesterday, all day, was her "Special Day". It was not Mimi's special day, it was not Papa's special day, it was Lulu's special day! And what a great day we had! 

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The Museum of Flight

Here are some photos of our trip to The Museum of Flight in Seattle. There certainly were a lot of things to see and we had to balance all the information that Papa was interested in reading with the stuff that interests a 4 year old. There is a lot of history in this museum and it was a great place to spend the day. 

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Molly and Rudy | Tweens | Maple Valley Ravensdale Photograph

This was such a fun session! Beautiful Molly is in 4H along with her sidekick, Rudy. I went out with Molly and her mom, Tami, to her grandmother's property and it was such a beautiful setting for a photo session. There werewe got a lot of attention from the other horses. It was so much fun to take these photos. Molly is growing up so fast! 

Game Farm Park | Family | Auburn family photographer

I love photography and I love learning everything I can about it. I love perfecting my craft and I love learning from others.

Cassandra is an amazing photographer and she is so generous with all her tips & tricks that she's worked so hard to learn. Over the past few years, I've taken several classes under her teaching and we always get to go out on location and take photos. So these are a few of her and her sweet boy that I took while learning more about family photography. 

Karissa & Caleb | Engagement | Tacoma photography

This couple! Can I just tell you how much fun it was to hang out with these two!  I have known Caleb all his life and am so very happy that I got to do their engagement session and am so excited about photographing their wedding next spring! 

The theme of their wedding is rustic, so the perfect place to take them for this engagement session was Ft Steilacoom. We went one Saturday evening and it was perfect! I love how they love each other! I love how they are able to laugh, but I also really love how tender Caleb is towards Karissa ... like she is his Queen and he, for sure, is her King. 

Stephanie & Justin & Olivia | Family | Kent Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie & Justin when their baby was newborn and they have given me the honor of photographing their sweet little family over the past 18 months. Recently we got together at a local park and took photos that included Stephanie's sweet, sweet parents. Here are some of my favorites from that session! So Olivia was not exactly into a photo session and instead wanted to explore the park. So we thought maybe it was going to be a bust, but then at the last part when we were ready to pack it in, magic happened! She was such a happy little girl and we got some great smiles. This blog post shows what a photo session can actually be like ... including the tears!

Brian and Molly | Family | Kent family photographer

I initially met Brian when my daughter moved to Boston a few years ago. It was actually Brian who hooked my son in law up with a job in Boston. Then I got to spend a little time with Molly and I got to know her just a bit better during visits to Boston.  

Things change and now they are back here in the Seattle area and I am so happy that I got to update their family photos! We met on a Sunday morning at one of my favorite Kent parks and there were plenty of laughs and maybe just a couple of little meltdowns. Perfect! Here are some of my favorites from our session together. 

Michelle & Alexia | Friends | Tacoma portrait photographer

I love these girls!  I am definitely young at heart and therefore it is so easy to be with them. They laugh, they are playful and they are adorable ... a perfect mix for fun portrait sessions! On Valentine's Day, we all went to the Tacoma warehouses and here are some of our favorites from that session. 

Michelle Candice & Kim | 3 Generation | Kent WA family photographer

 I initially met Michelle when I was photographing a wedding. When that bride became pregnant a couple of years later, Michelle came to the maternity session and assisted. It was at that moment that I decided that I HAD to have her in front of my camera!  So she graciously agreed and we did several sessions (which I will be blogging about separately). We talked about how she doesn't really have a lot of photos with her mom and grandma, so we made arrangements to meet at a local park in Kent WA and we took photos. These three ladies are so lovely and so warm and I am so happy that I got to document their beautiful, beautiful moments, especially since Michelle has now moved to Los Angeles.