So you've booked a photo session and now you're wondering what to wear and what will happen!


  • Make sure your clothing is freshly pressed or at least not pulled out in a tightly wadded condition. ;-) You might be surprised at how often It happens!
  • Use solids, patterns, and layering for visual interest. Be careful to not do too much of one thing. I think you should have at least three different colors, textures and patterns that work together but balance and round off the look. This is totally up to your style and taste. Whatever you do, be sure to lay out or try on the clothes beforehand to make sure they are working well together. And if you have small children, you may want to avoid wearing the white garment until you are ready to be photographed. 
  • Girls/Ladies, a colorful scarf can add visual interest to a photo, so by all means! Bring on the scarves, statement jewelry, sunglasses, purses, boots, your favorite high heels!
  • Try not to wear shirts or hats with big logos, as that can distract from the photo. An exception to this would be if all of you are wearing team gear, for example, Seahawks jerseys, etc.
  • Important: Be sure to either freshly polish your fingernails the night before our session or remove the polish.
  • Hair & Make-up:  Maybe just one step up from what you normally do. We want you to feel and look your best, but we want to be able to recognize you! You could go to a department store and have them apply your make-up and who knows? You might even find a new favorite look or product. They will do this for FREE!
  • Guys! It's best if you don't wear ball caps. It's okay if you want them in one or two shots, but hats can tend to leave shadows on your face so that we can't see your "handsome-ness". Plus your wife/girlfriend/fiance will appreciate it too.


  • Take extra outfits, diapers and shoes for little ones. Maybe even bring along an entire extra outfit in case of a blow-out. 
  • Bring snacks and favorite toys if you like. 
  • If you have children, don't expect perfection. Don't be discouraged or disappointed that your child(ren) is/are more wild than they normally are, but I love to capture who they really are and I am willing to allow a bit of flexibility to let them get the sillies and the wiggles out. Sometimes the photos of them doing their thing end up being the most precious and authentic. When you look back on these photos, I'm sure you'll love the one where everyone is looking at my camera and smiling, but you might be surprised at how much more you might love the ones of your child being YOUR CHILD.  Perhaps you'll love those even more. A photo session is a memory making session!


  • RELAX! I will do my best to "direct" you during our session. The biggest goal, other than a beautiful photo at the end, is that our time together will be completely relaxed and enjoyable, filled with laughter and reassurance and that at the end of the day, this will be an experience that you will look back on fondly for years to come.


We live in such a beautiful, diverse area. We can go to your favorite place (even your home) and if you're uncertain, here are some of my favorite locations that I love to take my clients to including:

Urban (i.e downtown Tacoma, the Glass Museum, Antique Alley, Union Station, Spanish Steps, Garages/Warehouses) This is a great option when it's raining, as there are lots of covered areas. 

Kent Station in Kent features the train depot and walkway to the trains/buses is a perfect place when it's raining! And it is beautiful. There are some old buildings there as well as the "newer" theatre, restaurants and just a fun place for photographs.

Auburn Train Station is also a fun place for photos! Beautiful flowers in the spring & summer, even the farmers market and of course the trains! There are some beautiful places very close that are fun as photo backdrops as well. 

Downtown Seattle including Kerry Park, the gum wall, Pike Place Market, the ferries Pioneer Square, the Wheel and so many other options

Game Farm Park in Auburn, 53 acres of open space, including paved and unpaved trails, a playground, forested areas, fruit trees, and it's very close to the river as well! 

Clark Lake Park in Kent which features large (130 acres) undeveloped park include a fishing pier, public art, hiking trails and boardwalks, wetlands, fields and forested areas, and parking (accessed from SE 240th Street).

Ft Steilacoom Park, Lakewood  Features 340 acre park in Tacoma (the largest in the city) include the old barns, trails, fields, forested areas, Lake Waughup.  

Pt Defiance Park in Tacoma, 702 acre park including the Zoo & Aquarium, the Rose Garden, Rhododendron Garden, beaches, trails, boardwalk, a boathouse and even a Washington State Ferries Dock (to Vashon). Fort Nisqually and old growth forest.  

Robinswood Community Park, Bellevue features a barn, network of paved/unpaved trails, historical Robinson house, Robinswood Pond with ducks and frogs.

Trails are also fun! Soos Creek Trail, Lake Wilderness Trail. So so many choices! If your favorite is not on this list, talk to me! I love to adventure into new areas!